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Living Miracles: Stories of Hope from Parents of Premature Babies (St. Martin's Press)

Kim Wilson was introduced to the preemie world after giving birth to her son Dustin at 32 weeks' gestation. After his birth she looked for books about prematurity and found numerous medical related books. When she couldn't find what she was looking for, she teamed up with Kimberly Powell, mother to a daughter born at 28 weeks' gestation, and together they created Living Miracles: Stories of Hope from Parents of Premature Babies.

"I wanted to read about other parents who experienced the same roller coaster ride of emotions and learn how they coped with the one-step-forward-five-steps-back situations. I always knew in the back of my mind that my baby might not live, but I wanted to hear about the babies that did survive. I wanted hope and inspiration from parents who knew what I was going through," Wilson said.

Living Miracles: Stories of Hope from Parents of Premature Babies is a tear-jerking, heartwarming book filled with inspiration, hope and insight. Readers will get a glimpse into the lives of more than twenty families of premature babies born between 23 to 36 weeks' gestation including newborn and current photos of all the preemies.

Whether you are a parent or family member of a preemie, or are just curious about the world of prematurity, Living Miracles provides proof that miracles do happen. "My goal with Living Miracles was to give parents what I didn't have...a book filled with hope and inspiration," Wilson said.


Prematurity.Org: Interview with Kim Wilson conducted by Allison Martin


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